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General Information for Advertisers and Screen Owners

Screen Advertising

Question : What income can I expect as a display owner?
Answer: : Ask us for the current fee schedule and see how you could earn $15,600 profit per annum per screen.

Question : What does this cost me the display owner?
Answer: : EasyVert charges a once off set-up fee and an annual Agent licence fee every 12 months of participation. You can terminate your agreement as an EasyVert Agent at anytime as long as no advertising commitments remain outstanding.

Question : How will this integrate into the daily operations of my business?
Answer: : The installation is simple and non-disruptive. We can assist you to configure your existing screens, recommend screens to use, or indeed supply you with a display screen. You just need the screen and an internet connection and the rest is done remotely. This means no physical content loading.

Question : Can I control what is displayed in my business?
Answer: : All advertisements are placed on a 24 hour hold for you to approve prior to their acceptance. This enables you to accept or decline advertisements and retain control over your display screen.

Question : What is my commitment as the display owner?
Answer: : Once you have accepted and received payments for advertisements you are legally required to display these advertisements for the duration of their bookings on your digital screen. EasyVert has proof of display software to ensure compliance and satisfy advertisers of display time.


Question : If our Club signs up, what happens next?
Answer: : You will be provided with an Intro pack including tips and tricks to navigate the web-site, create ads, upload content etc including documentation to provide potential advertisers / sponsors.

Question : What suggestions do you have to make this work?
Answer: : Give each player at your Club the responsibility of getting 1 advertiser / sponsor on board for a $100 yearly sponsorship. Their employer is a great place to start. You will cover your outlay very quickly. Make the SportsVert screen display an “add-on” to existing sponsorship packages. Approach local businesses, for whom flexible content display is much better than a fixed sign or poster e.g., Car Dealerships, Real Estate Agents, Cafes, Local Council etc

Question : What share do SportsVert take of the ads we sell?
Answer: : Zero. Whatever profit your Club makes, it keeps.

Question : How long do ads play for?
Answer: : SportsVert research has determined that 12 seconds is the optimal timeframe. This changes often enough to catch attention while also allows enough time for ad content to be absorbed once it is seen.

Question : How many ads can go on a screen?
Answer: : This is currently capped at 70, to give better value to advertisers.

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