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EasyVert is a unique offering for Newsagents.  It was created in a Newsagency and because of its outstanding success at store level, now continues to expand further across the National Industry Network.  


EasyVert has the Newsagent in mind in everything it does.  It recognises that Newsagents are looking for new ways to promote their products and services and add new revenue streams.  Importantly, EasyVert also recognises that Newsagents don't have a lot of spare time and don't want to be distracted from their core business.  As such, EasyVert focuses on the following key principles - :


  • Low Start up cost
  • No long term contract
  • Low Risk (no risk)
  • Immediate Return on Investment
  • Minimal Management overhead


Low Start Up Cost

The Annual Licence fee of $650 provides huge value enabling you to drive further sales through self promotion, take advantage of existing Industry ads provided and generate a new revenue stream through external ad sales. Varying pricing models exist to help with start-up costs so please contact for information specific to your business.  In some cases, start-up costs are completely mitigated by existing ads ready to go onto your screen.


No Long-Term contract

EasyVert do not lock you into a contract.  You simply pay the annual licensing fee providing you all the benefits as outlined.  At Renewal time (after 12 months), you make the decision whether you have derived value from the tool before proceeding with the following year's payments.  If you choose not to, you keep the hardware.  We have not yet a Newsagent choose not to renew.


Low Risk (no risk)

Due to the low start up cost, the absence of any lock-in contract and all the value derived in self-promotion and external ad revenue, there is next to no risk for you.  You carry no stock and you carry no debt as all ads are pre-paid.


Immediate Return on Investment

One of our Newsagents made an 8 fold Return on Investment within 2 hours of turning on the system.  Just by promoting it to his customers, 10 yearly ads were sold in this 2 hour period netting this Newsagent $5200 in incremental revenue – without leaving his counter.  Some Newsagents receive revenue from Day 1 by way of funded news feeds and content from publishers.  Others focus on the self promotion element and start increasing their sales.  In summary, this system has the capacity to pay for itself very quickly.


Very Low Management Overhead

The administrative burden is removed from you the Newsagent using the EasyVert facility.  You can spend as much time as you want creating your own content for self promotion or choose from our extensive existing Library of ads to use at the click of a button.  Most of the work is done for you.  Spending 15 minutes per week is all it will take to derive huge benefit from the system.  There is no chasing money from advertisers as all ads are pre-paid through the EasyVert website, with your split hitting your bank account each month.


Most Newsagents spend this amount of money on stock without blinking an eye.  No standard stock item gives you the ability to sell more from your store, create a new revenue stream and connect with the community in the way EasyVert does.  And all of this, without actually carrying stock or debt or without taking up your valuable floor space.


EasyVert continues to gain support from Newsagents, Publishers and Industry Associations due to the unique nature of its offering.  We look forward to our continued support of the Newsagent Industry where all who participate can prosper.


EasyVert – by Newsagents, for Newsagents 

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